You don’t need to be able to break out the bathing suit and go snorkeling for a beach trip this December. Attaining a bit of relief from the winter blues doesn’t even have to involve a plane ticket. For most people, the best beach is one you can get to in a reasonable period of time and for a reasonable amount of money.


If you are anywhere in inland Florida, just go to the nearest beach. Florida is fairly temperate year round. You don’t necessarily need to shoot for a famous and pricey resort like Key West.

If budget is a concern, you can search for a cheap hotel nearby or take up a friend on their offer to let you use their condo for a week. Florida is also a very popular destination for people living in the southern half of Georgia. A few hours worth of driving can get you to the Florida panhandle.

If you are wanting to get away from the very popular Panama City Beach, then consider one of these great Florida panhandle alternatives:

  • St. George Island
  • Perdido Key
  • Santa Rosa Beach
  • Navarre Beach


If you are in Texas or in a nearby state, like New Mexico or Oklahoma, Port Aransas is a terrific destination. It’s got beautiful white sand beaches and you can choose between a hotel or camping.

You can spend up to three nights on the public beach, possibly for free. Or you can stay a bit longer at IB Magee Beach Park.


Southwest coastal Washington has some of the most temperate weather in the US. Ocean Shores is a popular local destination. Although it is a small town, it has a variety of hotels and resorts.

Westport is a little further south, so it may be slightly warmer. It also offers a few bargain options, such as tent camping.

If you have scads of money and no time pressure, you can pick a beach anywhere in the world and fly there. If that’s the case, you may want to go to any of a number of famous beach resort areas, such as Key West, The Virgin Islands or Hawaii.