Aruba has been named one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Aruba has expansive beaches, and breath-taking views all across the island. The island of Aruba is mainly a dry climate making it an essential destination for all beach-goers. Aruba has much to offer to tourists having all-inclusive hotel packages and frequent tours around the small island. When planning your next travel adventure, consider Aruba as your destination

Palm Beach

Aruba is well-known for their beaches around the island. Palm Beach is the place to be when thinking about what beach to visit first. High-end hotels have planted themselves at the heart of Palm Beach, making it the busiest spot on the island. Palm Beach has a variety of vendors and shops for tourists to soak in the culture and festivity of the island. The water on Palm beach is calm making it an ideal place to participate in various water sports.

Arashi Beach

Arashi beach is another cannot miss site to see in Aruba. Unlike Palm Beach, Arashi beach is more remote and removed from the hustle and bustle of hotels and shops. Arashi beach is home to the best snorkeling areas on the island with native fish swimming close to the banks of the ocean. The beach also has many native plants and cacti growing along the beach making it a more rugged and challenging feat than other sand beaches.

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park is located on the North Eastern side of the island. The park takes up 18% of the total land on the island. Arikok National Park is dedicated to preserving flora and fauna native to the island. The park contains many different aspects of the land including rough hills formed from volcanic activity on the island. Two of the tallest hills on the island of Aruba is located in the Arikok National Park. The park holds a massive amount of historical significance and should be on the top of your list on places to visit in Aruba.

The California Lighthouse

The lighthouse was named after the S.S. California which was a wooden ship that sunk on the shore of Aruba previous to the lighthouse’s construction. The lighthouse offers tourists a spectacular view of the island, and it’s coastal beaches. Large dunes are located nearby to give a fun-filled day for the entire family.