Just south of San Diego in California is the Baja California Peninsula. Contrary to the title of the state, Baja California is a territory of Mexico. Crossing the border into Baja California does not require a passport as opposed to entering Mexico from other parts of the US. Tourists visiting southern California can easily access the Peninsula and all it has to offer. This article will detail activities and sites to see in Baja California for the adventurer in you!


Cabo Pulmo


An excellent place for scuba diving and observation of the natural wildlife of the peninsula is Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo is about sixty miles north of Baja California’s major city, Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Pulmo has a vast stretch of beach and offers tourists the chance to see one of the three oldest reefs in North America. The reef is home to a plethora of brightly colored fish and fauna and is even estimated to be twenty thousand years old.




The infamous border town of Baja California. Tijuana is not a site to miss when visiting Baja California. Tijuana is home to a fast-growing cultural scene adding new and hip restaurants as well as craft beer stations and art galleries. The town is known for its grittiness and interesting red light district. If you are looking for a border town experience, Tijuana is the place to go to find it.


Isla Espiritu Santo


Otherwise known as Holy Spirit Island is an island off the coast of the peninsula. The island is way down south off of the peninsula and is considered to be the most beautiful island in the region. Tourists have the opportunity to swim with the wildlife and experience the natural beauty of the island. Some fellow swimmers you may see along the way are sea lions and schools of tropical fish. Other activities on the island included guided boat tours and kayaking.


Laguna de San Ignacio


The Laguna de San Ignacio is home to one of the only whale nurseries in the world. History says that a man named Charles Melville Scammon used the areas to hunt wildlife and bring the gray whale to near extinction. Recent efforts from locals near the lagoon have made the place a sanctuary for the gray whale and brought it out of endangerment. Now tourists from around the globe can take tours out to waters to observe the gray whales along with sea turtles, dolphins, and sea lions.