Finding cheap flights can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s now easier than ever to get great deals. Here are some ways to save on international flights.

Use the Incognito Window

Airline providers are crafty and can track which flights have already been viewed in someone’s browser, and then increase the price accordingly. Companies do this in order to urge customers to quickly buy often-viewed flights, just in case the price rises again. Using private browsing is an easy safeguard against flight tracking.

Flexibility is Key

A strict set of dates can prevent customers from securing the best deals. It’s best to be flexible with both the travel times and destinations, as flights leaving a day or two later could save someone hundreds of dollars; however, having several backup destinations is the ultimate way to save. It’s easy to check home airports for a complete list of all their international stops and select one of those for a bargain.

Avoid Airline Search Engines

Instead of searching for flights with certain carriers, it’s far more budget-friendly to check general flight search engines. Skyscanner,, and Cheapoair are three of the most popular flight portals, but there are plenty of other websites as well. Also, these sites often contain airfare and accommodation combo deals for those interested.

Identify the Cheapest Airlines

This seems like common sense, but many are unaware of how cheap direct flights with budget airlines can be. For example, Spirit Airlines offers competitive prices on flights to Central and South America and Canada. Luckily, every continent has their own low-priced airlines for almost any destination domestic and foreign alike.

Use Credit Card Discounts

Many credit cards offer flight reward programs, and for frequent fliers, those miles can add up quickly and lead to free or low-cost travel. Combine that with numerous special offers and even lesser-known discounts–like student savings–and anyone could find affordable flights.

Dedicate Time to Searching

It’s possible to get lucky with insanely cheap fares, but it requires devoting time to the search. Checking budget travel sites every day, booking flights in the right time frame, and even finding carrier price mistakes can get someone deals that seem unreal. Putting in the hours to find the cheapest flight is worth the savings you will receive by doing so.