Fly fishing is a great sport to participate in if you have ever been interested in fishing. Unlike a normal fishing experience, fly fishing has different gear, lingo, and techniques that make it a one of a kind sport. This article will talk about some basic fly fishing techniques and overall knowledge that anyone interested in starting should know.


Essential Gear


Along with any new sport some new equipment that you will need to use. Fly fishing has various pieces of equipment that can be purchased to help you up your game when you are out fishing, but there are only a few vital gear pieces that you must have to start. A fly rod, a fly reel, a fly fishing line, and flies are the only pieces of equipment you will need to successfully get started.


Fly Rod – The main component of the fly fishing is the type of fishing rod you will use. Fly rods are offered in a vast price range from fifty dollars to one thousand dollars. The price is dependent on the overall quality of the rod and what material it is made out of.


Fly Reel – The circular contraption that will hold your fly fishing line and enable you to cast and reel in when you have caught your fish. Similar to the fly rod, the fly reel is priced differently based on the material used. The best and most efficient material to invest in is a metal fly reel. A metal fly reel will last the test of time and provide you with years of usage.


Fly Line – the fly line produces the weight needed to make the cast when fly fishing. In standard fishing, there is a weight added to the end of the fly line to get better accuracy when casting.


Flies – There are different types of flies you can use for different techniques. Dry Flies are designed to look like flying insects on top of the water. Nymphs resemble aquatic creatures and are a bit heavier than Dry Flies. Streamers are the heaviest flies and can also be referred to as lures. Each fly will attract certain types of fish in your area so choose wisely!


Other Equipment


Fishing Net – A fishing net will help you catch the fish as well as keeping the fish safe in the process. Not a necessary part of fly fishing but definitely something that can help!


Waders – Will allow you to get up close and personal with that action. With waders, you can protect your clothing from getting wet and have more access to other parts of the river or lake to catch more fish!