Whether a vacation to an exotic tropical paradise is on the agenda or just a normal weekend day trip to the local beach, a plethora of fun and thrilling water activities are available to add excitement to an otherwise pedestrian day.




An activity that is just as unique as its name, kitesurfing is the sport of using a specially modified surfboard to stand on while using a kite and the propulsion of the wind to sail along a body of open water. This water activity is not for a novice water sports enthusiast, so be forewarned before adding this water activity to your vacation itinerary.




Although kayaking is a water activity associated with smaller bodies of water such as rivers and lakes, there are no reasons why a family can’t enjoy a serene kayaking outing on the open sea or ocean. Kayaking is a low impact sport that’s perfect for those of a more advanced age or who suffer from joint diseases. Kayaking strengthens the cardiovascular system, builds muscles in the arms and torso, and can even strengthen the legs as they are used to maneuver the kayak to change directions. Before stepping into a kayak, always follow the safety protocols and be equipped with a life jacket in case of an emergency.




Windsurfing is the ideal water activity for those who wish to experience a more thrilling adventure than swimming while out on the open waters. Windsurfing is a physically intensive sport that requires bursts of energy, endurance, a strong core, superb balance, and will put anyone’s cardiovascular system to the test. Windsurfing is essentially standing on a surfboard that has a tiny sail attached to catch gusts of wind. Although it sounds more mundane than actual surfing, it can prove to be quite challenging and thrilling.


Scuba Diving


To end this list, let’s take a look at the diverse ecosystem which exists beneath the water by engaging in the exhilarating water activity of scuba diving. While large bodies of water can be quite intimidating to most people, if the fear of the vast unknown oceans can be conquered, a vividly colorful and stunningly beautiful world is waiting. Putting on the scuba diving equipment and learning how to use it will require training, but the training isn’t very extensive. Even children are capable of scuba diving in the right conditions and under proper adult supervision.