Beach vacations can be a wonderful getaway with the right preparation. Be sure to consider everything that will make the beach vacation relaxing, safe, convenient and enjoyable.


Be Protected From the Sun and Stay Hydrated


The most important consideration when planning for a beach vacation is protection from the sun. Be sure to use good sunscreen with enough UV protection all over and reapply it often while at the beach. The sun is strong and the reflection off the water can make the sun’s rays reach places such as the back of the arms and legs, under the chin and ears. It is also important to drink plenty of water while at the beach. The salt water from the ocean makes dehydration even more possible.


Bring the Right Gear


Having all the right beach gear will make your next beach vacation more enjoyable. Make sure to have beach towels or beach blankets. There are now beach towels and blankets that the sand doesn’t stick to. Some beaches have little sand mites or fleas that bite and create an itchy rash. So having a beach blanket over the sand will help alleviate this. Bring beach chairs to sit in, especially if it’s getting more difficult to get up and down from the ground. There are zero-gravity, fold-up chairs with drink holders and trays that are very convenient. Having an umbrella, tent or wind blocker is also a good idea. Getting even more protection from the sun, wind and other elements will make your vacation more enjoyable.


Be Ready For Illness or Medical Emergencies


Bring some medical supplies and medications so they’re handy, if needed. A first aid kit is always a good idea. They typically come with bandages and sterile gauze pads of different sizes, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, scissors, a splint and more. It’s a good idea to bring an allergy medicine, an itch cream, something to soothe sunburn and something for pain such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Always have a cell phone with a charged battery and a portable battery charger in case of severe medical emergencies on the beach.

Be prepared and bring everything possible to make your next beach vacation enjoyable. Visit here for more advice.