Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving? In the vast blue ocean, there is an entirely different world to be explored which can only be reached by going into its depths. Anyone who is interested in scuba diving has to complete a process to receive a certification. This article will help you understand what it takes to get certified to scuba dive and steps you can take to prepare yourself for the tests.


Once you have decided to become scuba certified, you should start looking for locations or individuals that can give you lessons. You can find individual instructors or seek out a dive store to teach these lessons. Prices may vary with earning your scuba certification. Make sure you know what is included in the cost of your scuba certification. There are three different parts of scuba certification. One part of the certification is a written test on the proper procedures and methods of scuba diving. You can take the knowledge part of the test online or in a classroom setting. Another section of the test, and possibly the more important part, is the practical training. During the practical training, your instructor will start you out in confined water and show you some basic techniques required for scuba diving. These practical training sessions are gearing you up for the more advanced practice, the open water dives.


Open water dives are the final part of your scuba certification. This part of the test is to demonstrate real situations you will be in when scuba diving. Your instructor will take you out on several open water dives to evaluate what you have learned and how well you do in incorporating what you learned in real life situations. Once you have completed all previous sections of the certification, you will be given a final exam. Upon passing the final exam, you will receive your certification and can now finally scuba dive!


If you have not dived for a long period, it is always a good option to take a refresher course to brush up on your skills before your next dive.


The Open Water Diver certification requires you to scuba dive with at least one other person of equal or higher certification than yourself. You can scuba dive between eighteen to sixty feet deep.


Your scuba certification never has to be renewed and lasts a lifetime. If you enjoy scuba diving, there are advanced courses you can take with your scuba certifications that opens up even more possibilities to explore the underwater world!