Windsurfing is a sport that’s all about finding balance- literally. There are some things you will want to consider before getting started such as how to stay upright on the surfing board and knowing how to keep yourself afloat. If you’re serious about learning and share a love for water sports, this may be the sport for you. Now, let’s get into the specifics of windsurfing.


Before you get into the water, there are some things you will want to have ready.

  • Wetsuit, booties, helmet
  • Rescue coat with whistle
  • Personal flotation device if needed
  • Board and rig

It is very important for you to check all equipment before heading into the water to make sure it is all in good condition. If there is something that needs to be fixed, wait until it is done before going out.

Windsurfing Technique

  • Push the board deep out into the water
  • Asses the direction the wind is blowing
  • Similar to sailing, you will be working with the wind. Make sure your sail is downwind of the board
  • Swim or walk to the side of the board that is upwind
  • Grab a hold of the uphaul while staying on your knees (do not pull on the sail yet)
  • Stand up and rock back and forth on the board to get a feel for how it moves
  • Bend your knees and pull the sail up via the uphaul moving hand over hand (just like pulling in a rope)
  • Keep upright and try not to bend over too much to avoid straining your back
  • Hold the mast and let it swing. After this, the wind will propel you
  • You can practice steering in this position
  • With the mast straight up you can shift your body weight to the right or left to direct the board
  • Once you’re moving, pay attention to what side the bow of the board is on in relation to you. Place your lower hand on the boom and when you’re ready, transfer your other hand to the boom
  • Pull your back hand to accelerate and let it out to slow down
  • If you need to stop, drop the boom

With a better understanding of what you’re getting yourself into, you can feel more confident heading out into the water. Good luck!