Surfing and technology are not two things that you would normally associate with each other. Over the last several years, technology has reached into the domain of water sports including surfing. Lately, there has been a surge of emerging technologies that are designed for surfers. Here we will explore some of those new technologies and how they benefit surfers. 

Inflatable Life Vest

Patagonia has put out a new kind of life best for surfers who are looking to take on enormous waves. Tow-in surfing is when surfers are pulled into areas of waves where they otherwise would not be able to get to. This is usually done with the assistance of a jet ski or in some cases, a helicopter. The inflatable life vest, also known as The Personal Self Inflation vest (PSI) was designed for tow-in surfing scenarios. If a surfer was to wipe out while trying to surf a giant wave, they would be able to pull a string on the PSI which will allow them to float up to the surface in a short amount of time. The PSI should be put on under a wetsuit when going to surf. 

Kidney Warming Belt

The name of this piece of technology is somewhat self-explanatory. The Kidney Warming Belt is designed to keep surfers warm in cold and dreary conditions in the water. Cold and icy water can be common among surfing areas, for surfers, it is ideal to stay warm under these conditions. The Kidney Warming Belt can keep you warm for about an hour which can come in handy when you are starting to feel the effects of the cold waters. 


The JetSurf has revolutionized the way people surf recreationally and competitively. The JetSurf is a carbon-fiber surfboard that allows users to surf on lakes and rivers. The JetSurf is motorized surfboard that is controlled by a throttle attached to the surfboard and controlled by the surfer. The JetSurf is used competitively because the surfer can still actively move the surfboard allowing for tricks and easy maneuvering. The board can reach up to speeds of 35 miles per hour. 

Surf Ears

A common painful ailment with surfers is surfers ear. Constant exposure to cold winds and waters can lead to infection in the ear over time. Surf ears are earplugs designed to help curb surfers ear while allowing the surfer to still be able to hear frequencies and waves.