Whenever you are planning to travel, packing is the most dreadful part of the preparation. People usually put packing off until the very end and then have a feeling that they may be missing something when it comes time to leave. To avoid the frustration of packing heavy for your travels, strive to pack light, and you will have less to worry about during your adventures. Here are some tips on how to pack light and keep your worries at bay.


The first step in packing light is choosing your luggage. For the risk-taker, some travelers say only to take on a piece of luggage that can fit in your overhead compartment. This will allow you to pack light and perhaps save you money with trying to check luggage at the gate. The smaller piece of luggage will also force you to think critically about what your essentials are for your travels.

Live By The Trilogy

When packing items of clothes think in threes. Three shirts, three pairs of pants, three pairs of socks and so on. Packing three items each is a great reference point for future travels. When picking out items of clothing to take, select ones that are durable, quick-drying, resist wrinkles and water, and can be light and flowing. You will be able to get much more wear out of clothing that is durable than multiple items of lesser quality.

Roll It

A great way to conserve space in your luggage is to roll up your clothes. If you are concerned about formal wear getting wrinkles or creases, you will want to fold them to prevent that. Place heavier items of clothing like jeans and sweaters along the edges and corners of your luggage. Continue to fill up your luggage with other items of clothing in the center to create the ultimate space saver.


Another great way to hold yourself accountable when packing is to make a checklist of things you need. The checklist will keep you in line and help prevent you from packing unnecessary items in your luggage that you otherwise would not need.

No Last Minute Packing

Pack your items ahead of time to avoid making hasty decisions when packing the night before. Having your items ready to go will leave your mind at ease for the stressful day of traveling and all of the nuances that go along with it.