Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in the country of Brazil. Only being the second largest city in Brazil, Rio is arguably the most visited by tourists around the world, and for a good reason. The landscape of Rio is staggeringly beautiful. Rio has ample mountain ranges, beaches, and waters to appease any adventurous tourist’s curiosity. If you are planning on visiting Rio, make sure you stop by these sites to get the most out of your experience!


Christ The Redeemer


One of the most recognizable pieces of art and architecture around the world is the statue of Christ in Rio. The statue stands on top of the Corcovado mountain 709 meters above sea level. The construction of the statue started in 1922 and was almost entirely funded by Brazilian Catholics. At the base of the statue lies a church where frequent weddings and other ceremonies take place year round. The statue itself stands about 30 meters tall, and it’s outstretched arms span 28 meters wide. Tourists can take a railway up to the base of the summit and either hike or take an elevator the remainder of the way up to the statue.




Stretching right alongside the main downtown area of Rio is Copacabana. Copacabana is a stunning beach that spans over four kilometers right next to historical and beautiful buildings in Rio. Luxury hotels and the famous Copacabana Palace is seated alongside the beaches. Copacabana Palace is now recognized as a national monument and has appeared in several US movies. Enjoy the relaxation of the white sandy beaches and explore the local downtown area to take in all Rio has to offer.

Passeio Público


One of the oldest parks in the America’s is the Passeio Publico. The public park was created by a group of artists and includes many different aspects of art in it. The entrance to the park is a stone staircase surrounded by fountains and statues from ancient mythology. Further in the park are gardens designed by artists and even a memorial remembering the losses from World War II. Adjacent to the public park is the Cinelandia district. The Cinelandia district is a political district in Rio packed with majestic buildings and historical sites. The park and adjoining district makes the area a day-long endeavor for any tourist.