When it comes to fishing, conditions can change in a matter of days. This is unsurprising, given the volatile nature of living creatures, but it’s still handy to know which spots are hot and which are not. According to experts, these are some of the best fishing spots that America currently has to offer.

Situk River, Alaska

Likeliest Catch: Pink Salmon and Sockeye

It’s no secret that Alaska is the pinnacle for salmon fishermen, and the Situk River provides an exceptional run, particularly during spring. Don’t rule out a summer trip though, as the fishing is still excellent and crowds are lighter.

Skinner Reservoir, California

Likeliest Catch: Largemouth and Striped Bass

As any local angler will attest, the bass found in this reservoir are among the largest you’ll find. If you’re looking for trout, there are plenty of those swimming around as well.

Eagle River, Colorado

Likeliest Catch: Rainbow Trout

Eagle Lake was the unfortunate victim of metal runoff from local mines during the 1980s, which caused many anglers to write it off. Lately, however, the trout population has seen an unlikely rise in population.

Harris Chain of Lakes, Florida

Likeliest Catch: Largemouth Bass

No fisherman’s bucket list would be complete without a pilgrimage to the Sunshine State. An excessive fertilizer runoff destroyed many of the plant nutrients here, causing the chain’s popularity to decline for a short time. However, it’s recovered admirably and is now a prime destination for bass fishing.

Springfield Lake, Illinois

Likeliest Catch: Crappies

This lake puts a 10-inch size limit on its catches, which helps to ensure a continually thriving population. It doesn’t see as much human traffic as some other area lakes, so a visit here is likely to be peaceful as well as prosperous.

Sebago Lake, Maine

Likeliest Catch: Crappies and Northern Pike

While northern neighbor Moosehead gets most of the attention, Sebago provides an abundant supply of fish in a beautiful New England setting. Keep a line out for salmon and lake trout as well.

Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts

Likeliest Catch: Smallmouth Bass

The state of Massachusetts isn’t widely known for its fishing opportunities, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. Fishing at Wachusett is limited to shore-only, keeping the bass population alive and hearty.

Thousand Islands, New York

Likeliest Catch: Muskellunge

The versatility of this waterway is its greatest strength, as it offers anglers a chance to shake things up with catches of all different stripes.
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