Do you dream of catching the perfect wave? For decades, surfers have traveled the globe trying to find the best locations to spend their summers to surf. Whether you surf or not, some of the best places to surf are also the best beaches to lounge on. Here is a list of locations that are often tagged as the best spots to catch some waves.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its many great surfing spots across the country. From April to October Costa Rica offers surfers a great place to catch some gnarly waves. Costa Rica is home to locations like Playa Naranjo, Potrero Grande, and Ollies Point which offer the beginner and experienced surfer the ride of their life. Some locations in Costa Rica have waves that reach up to thirty feet for some hardcore surfing skills.



Brazil offers surfers a competitive style surfing experience . Many of the world’s surfing competitions take place on the beaches of Brazil. Surf spots in Brazil include the Mocambique, Joaquina Beach, and Praia Mole Campeche to name a few. These beaches are located near the capital of Brazil and give surfing tourist a chance to experience the cuisine and culture of the country while enjoying one of the world’s most awesome waves.



Located in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of Fiji are the Samoan Islands. The Samoan Islands are home to tropical climates, warm, crystal-like waters, and awesome sized waves. The winds that form these waves come from Antarctica and vary in the direction causing massive waves almost all year long. The best time to go down to the Samoan Islands for surfing is in between the months of April and October.


Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan has the only sandbars in the region which make it a great spot for beginners to learn how to surf. Once you have learned the ways of surfing, move on to other beaches Japan offers like Aha-Yoko and Suicide Cliffs to get a better taste of what it is like to surf bigger and more challenging waves.


Vancouver Island, Canada

The surfing capital of Canada. This detached beach is a great spot for surfers of all skill levels. The beach is a somewhat detached attraction from the major city in Canada and is regarded as one of the top five surfing spots in the world. The Vancouver Islands are surrounded by rainforest and make the beach and water a bit chillier than other locations around the world.