Last year, Crystal Cabin Awards gave prizes in six categories. These categories were future interior plane designs that will make the customer comfortable whether he travels for pleasure or business. Able-bodied or disabled, every person deserves to be as comfortable as possible.


The seven categories awarded were: Cabin concepts, passenger comfort hardware, material and components, University, greener cabin, health, safety and environment, electronic systems, and cabin systems. United States airline, Delta One Suite took the top prize for making it possible for people on business trips to have privacy. Each seat will have a partition. The storage areas will be enlarged. Some planes will include bar lounge areas, The University category has a design for students who need improved wheelchair accessibility on airlines. Lavatory space will be increased to accommodate those in wheelchairs. Some new innovations will make it easier for passengers to recycle their trash. There is another invention that will instantly kill bacteria, making air travel heathier.

Seven Artsy New Plane Interior

Seven foreign airlines are jazzing up the look of their planes to provide a very pleasant ride. Air Tahiti wants their customers to feel as though they arrived at the hotel on the beach of Tahiti, while still in flight. EVA air has a Hello Kitty theme to it that should entertain people of all ages. Everything from the plates to the toilet paper is themed in Hello Kitty. Eithian Airplanes is introducing four different classes: Economy Class, Business Class, First Class, and the Residence. Every class is special. The residence class is a three-room suite that has a living room, bedroom, and a shower area. The Residence includes its own butler service. Brussels Airlines has a cartoon theme, featuring the Smurfs. Brussels Airlines is piloted by Smurfette and Poppa Smurf. Passengers are entertained with Smurf movies and Smurf music while relaxing in blue seats. ANA caters to the Star Wars fan. ANA has a fleet of four jets that are Star Wars themed. The most popular Star Wars theme is R2D2. Passengers use napkins, plates, and cups with the R2D2 robot design on them. Passengers can rest their head on the R2D2 head rests. Finally, IceAir is decorated in purple and green lights to remind passengers of Northern Lights and glaciers.

More airlines are sure to follow the trend of customizable and themed flying experiences for their customers. In the meantime, consider one of the new options for flying the next time you are thinking of travelling!