While naturally a great thing to do in Miami is to lounge on the beach there are also plenty of other things to do and explore in this popular Florida city. From kid friendly activities to a vibrant nightlife there’s something to do for everyone.

Art Deco Historic District

Visit the Art Deco Historic District located on Ocean Drive. You won’t want to miss the beautiful 1930s architecture that this street features. You can take self-guided tours of the area or guided tours and see the local imagery and tropical deco style that architects incorporate into their designs. Stop in for lunch at local cafes and shop in the boutique stores as you soak in the unique style.

Little Havana

Travel to Cuba without leaving the country by checking out the neighborhood of Little Havana. When Fidel Castro came to power hundreds of thousands fled to Miami in 1959 and though many have moved on to other places, the style and culture is still thriving with Mediterranean style houses and the hum of latin music throughout. Take a food and walking tour, bike tour, or simply walk around the authentic Cuban neighborhood.

Splash Around

With plenty to do it is also important that you schedule sometime to dig your toes in the sand of Miami’s beautiful beaches and immerse yourself into the beautiful water. Snorkel, dive, canoe, kayak, paddleboard and more. Miami also has the only underwater national park in the country, Biscayne National Park. It protects a rare combination of fish-bejeweled coral reefs, emerald islands, and wildlife. You can take a glass bottom boat tour of the park of just kayak and enjoy the park on your own. There is over 10,000 years of history here included shipwrecks, pirates, president visits, and pineapple farmers.


Miami’s nightlife is legendary  and definitely something you’ll want to experience if you like to dance and socialize. Make sure that you call ahead to get yourself on the list for the night as clubs can get packed and you don’t want to spend the night waiting in line. There are a variety of clubs ranging from salsa dancing to electronic music so people can find a place for them no matter what their music preference.