For many people who are looking to travel, getting through airport security can be stressful. For frequent travelers, getting through airport security as fast as possible is a major goal of theirs. Airport security can fluctuate in wait times from several minutes to hours depending on a variety of factors. To get through airport security quickly and efficiently consider these tips when planning your next trip.

Documents Ready

A key point to remember when moving through airport security is to have all of your documents at-hand. Avoid putting crucial documents like your license, passport, or boarding pass in a place where you cannot easily reach them. A common hold-up in airport security lines is people rummaging through backpacks for their appropriate documents at the security check. Consider getting a wearable ID holder similar to a lanyard that can hold all of the necessary documents for your trip.


It is required to take off your shoes to pass through a security check in an airport. Depending on what kind of shoes you are wearing, it can be time-consuming to take them off and on again before proceeding. To speed up your time passing through airport security wear shoes that can be taken off and put back on. Slip-on shoes are incredibly convenient for this purpose and will help you and the people behind get through security better.

Be Polite

Arguably the number one rule to follow when going through airport security is to be polite. TSA agents could easily make the wait a lot longer for people who are acting up and being rude to them and other travelers. Be patient, polite, and understanding that airport security checks are stressful for everyone involved. On average. TSA agents check over 2 million people a day so staying friendly and polite can go a long way and make the entire process a bit more enjoyable.


The common rule is that all liquids have to be in three ounce bottles and fit into a clear quart bag. You can make it easier for both you and the TSA agent by keeping your liquids in this manner and also putting labels on them. Anything you can do to help move the line along at the security check will help you and everyone else!