If you are thinking about visiting Mexico City, you will want to be prepared for what is in store for you. Mexico City is considered to be the second largest city in the world with over twenty-two million people in the greater Mexico city area. That being said, that are an enormous amount of sights to see and places to visit when in Mexico City. This article will briefly talk about some of the best spots to visit in Mexico City.


As Mexico City being one of the largest cities in the world, it can be difficult to go and see as much as you can without staying for a few weeks. Mexico City offers a double-decker tour bus that can take you around the city. The Turibus has four different buses that it takes around the main city and its surrounding areas. The buses run from nine in the morning to nine at night and hit all of the major parts of the city that are worth seeing.


On the last Wednesday of every month, Mexico City offers locals and tourists the opportunity to take tours through their numerous museums at night. The museums that are open at night sometimes offer guided tours through the museum as well as musical acts within the museums themselves. Visiting museums after dark is a great way to spend a night in Mexico City and explore their rich culture.

El Morro

El Morro is a small restaurant in the heart of Mexico City that has been making delicious treats for over eighty years. Visit El Morro and buy yourself an authentic Churro from one of Mexico City’s greatest bakeries.

Frida Kahlo House

For anyone interested in the extravagant art scene in Mexico City, the Frida Kahlo house is the place you do not want to miss. The Frida Kahlo house holds all of the famous artists work as well as other significant pieces of her life. When visiting the house you gain access to more personal sides of her life such as her diaries, clothing, and what her bedroom looked like. The Frida Kahlo house is also home to the artists ashes, located in her bedroom.