Waterskiing is a fun activity on the water that most people can participate in. If you have never been waterskiing, you will want to learn the basics before you go out on the water. One of the best ways to learn how to water ski is to watch someone else first. This will give you an idea of what it takes to successfully get on top of the water and start your first skiing adventure. This article will highlight some of the equipment and technique to start skiing for the first time.




Before you get into the water, there are some items you want to have on you. A life vest is essential for waterskiing seeing that you will be floating in the water away from the boat before you start waterskiing. Water skis and a water skiing rope are two key pieces of equipment. You can put on the water skis when you are in the water but be sure to have a good look at how to put them on before you get in the water. Once you have the skis on the water skiing rope should be thrown out to you. This rope should be placed in between your two skis with the tops of your skis protruding above the water. This is your starting position.




Now that you have established what kind of equipment you will need, it’s time to move over to the difficult part of waterskiing, the technique. Waterskiing requires a lot of balance, especially when you first begin in the water. The first thing you want to when in the water is position yourself correctly. Shift your weight backward almost like in a sitting position so that your skis are in front of you and the tops of them are poking out of the water. The handle should be in between your skis. The boat will begin to accelerate. When the boat accelerates, it will start to pull you out of the water. Make sure your arms are straight in front of you and keep your knees bent. A good way to imagine it is as if you are getting pulled up out of a chair. Getting up on water skis is the most challenging part, but once you are up, you need to maintain your balance and keep those knees bent.


A common mistake people make when they are water skiing for the first time is pulling their arms in to help them stand up. This motion will cause you to lose balance and fall before you successfully get up on your skis.