Sometimes the most expensive part of a trip can be the flight to the destination. Thankfully, there are many services and tools that people can use to lessen these costs and have more money to spend once they get to the destination.

Sign Up For Email Alerts

While an influx of emails can be a tad annoying, saving $200 on a plane ticket certainly isn’t. Sign up for your favorite airlines newsletters and submit your email to receive updates about travel deals or promotions. Tuesday is usually a day that you should look out for these deals, because by then airlines can see if a flight is full or empty. Airlines like southwest have sales where you can fly for as low as $49 dollars one day

Be Flexible

The best way to find the cheapest flight is to be flexible with your travel dates. Most likely, cheaper fares will be available if you fly out and in on a weekday rather than on the weekend since people are flying less than. In addition, most airlines will let you know before you book that you can save a certain amount of money if you are more flexible with flight times and dates. For U.S. Tickets you should be booking your plane tickets between 3 months – 30 days of your departure date.

Download Apps

Don’t have time to compare prices everyday? There are many flight finder apps that can do all the work for you and alert you when flights are the cheapest and when you can expect them to rise again. For example, Skyscanner not only shows you prices and the projected time they are going to fall and rise but also let’s you explore where is the cheapest to fly in the world, which is great when you just want to get away without breaking the bank. Hopper is another app that is great for scanning flights. You simply put in dates and which airports you want to fly out of and it alerts you when the best deals are, when you should keep waiting, and when the best price possible for your flight is.

Flying doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you plan ahead. Use these tips to find the cheapest ticket to your dream destination.